SO! The site is really starting to shape up and I feel the blog style format of it will be a benefit because it keeps the site lightweight. I set up a DKP system that hopefully will work well for us, but that is much farther down the road. Nufire is currently working to get us a VENT server! Won’t that be great. He had one before so he knows what what to expect.

Things to expect: We need to set up some simple events. Currently all we need is maybe two days a week where we gather online at a certain time. One day could be dedicated toward high end progression (5man reg or heroic) and the other could be low end progression (help a pal instance or finish a group quest). This is all up for debate, the point being GET OUT THERE AND GROUP UP. The guild is currently crawling through WoWspace right now and the best thing we can do right now, is build teamwork. If we’re serious about raiding…then know raiding=teamwork.


So sleep on it, and soon we will have some minor stuff setup.

*edit* – this is more of a test than anything else…to the polls!

~ by Bummer on December 11, 2008.

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