well, seems as if the guild has no pulse. But avast! I we will march on. A few of us have been running the Heroics and the small raids before Naxxramas (OS, Vault, etc) and that has went very well. VERY, and when i say very, I mean VERY SOON, we will be scheduling 10 man raid nights. So you have been warned. The message is out. Naxxramas is calling. Let the bodies hit the floor (Mob bodies, that is).

I will be communicating with everyone possible to set the best time for raids. This guild is going to be ran with the least amount of guidance possible. What does that mean? No guild meetings in game; all info and discussions of that type will happen here so you don’t waste in-game time with guild shenanigans. ^^ So please do your homework on the raids and be ready on time. We will use the in game calendar to schedule and see how it goes. Good luck out there.


~ by Bummer on January 9, 2009.

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