Guild Contest!

‘Ladies and Gentlemen,
Step-right-up and try-your-luck at
 This Weeks Guild Contest!’

 Need a friend?

That’s right, another contest. I was so happy that the last contest was actually completed I felt the need to host another! This time I have to introduce a new game type, TWISTED PAIRS! TPs are basically word scrambles that require you to  untwist word in groups of two (pairs).This means you can complete the contest without the assistance of your character! Odd, I know. Fun? Maybe. Prizes? YES! Contestants will be playing for 25 gold AND a pet cockroach! Exciting! (Ha.)




OK, here are two example problems and below that will be the actual contest phrase.


(down for answer)
























Super bowl


?Comprendes? Bueno. So it is two words scrambled up. Here is another so you can see what happens to an odd number of words.


(down, down down we go)


























Answer: Wrath of the lich king.

The last word really gives it away. So without further delay the Twisted Pair for this weeks guild contest! Good luck.


If you come up with an answer, be the first to post the answer below in the comments (I think that will work well). And as a backup in case that isn’t working, email it to me, Bummer @    I will check the date/time of all submitted answers and will post the results asap! Good luck!


~ by Bummer on January 9, 2009.

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