Like a virgin, touched for the very first time…

I’m not talking tween, I’m talking Naxx. I.P.L. entered Naxxramas 10man for the first time last night! I believe we had about 5-6 guild members show up! I will post screen shots ASAP, as I was plugging them into my rotation generously. We had a great turn out on vent, although it was very quiet, but it proved to be useful.

Things to improve on? Everyone needs to get in Naxx and learn the fights. The sooner the better. Vent helps us disseminate the information in the party, but that should be considered icing on the cake, not the dough. The group held up very nicely with two out-of-guild heals, Briath -TaurenSham / Belf Pally and an-out-of-guild Druid MT, Jesterz. We also PUGed for some extra dps, and will list their efforts when I get their name from the screenshots. Other raid members to mention: Opec an undead healer we got on Grobbulus. He learned the fight in one wipe, and we downed Grobbulus on the second try.

We ended on Gluth, as it was getting late and was very hard to people to do what they needed to do when fatigue sets in. I was very happy as soon we cleared the Spider and Plague quarters, as that was my primary goal. We can easily do that in a few hours, not all night, then use the rest of the week finish.

On Noth the Plaguebringer, I (Bummer) didn’t enter the boss room with everyone else and was stuck out of the whole boss fight! So the group did what it needed to do, down his ass without me. I will post those screens as well, because it was quite a proud moment for the group (embarrassing for me).

REMEMBER THE SERVER Q when logging on to meet raid start times! I was stuck in the Q and was about 30 mins late, (I was <1 left on Q and my kid switched servers! DOH!) So keep this in mind. Omen will be a must for all members while Deadly Boss Mods proved to be a must for the raid leaders. I also want to highlight a new add-on I recently picked up: Ghost Pulse (Nab it from I loaded it up before the raid for the first time and the only option I had to modify was to unlock it and move it to the corner of my screen (default is right in the middle). It really helped me nail my cool downs and lets you know when things fade.

Shout out to the attending members!





Bummer! (Sorry if I didn’t list you! Pst)

Bosses Down: Anub’Rekhan Grand Widow Faerlina Maexxna Noth the Plaguebringer* Heigan the Unclean Loatheb Patchwerk Grobbulus

Bosses Still Up: Gluth Thaddius Instructor Razuvious Gothik the Harvester

Im not sure what will be a good day to finish this Naxx save, but we will have to just play-it-by-ear. Let me know what you think.

Nj guys. I can’t wait to get back in there and get more guildies in the raid next time.


~ by Bummer on January 15, 2009.

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