Blogging In A New Direction

Attention in the room, please!

I’ve decided to change the purpose of this blog. Originally, I intended to use it for mainly guild purposes. I wanted to disburse information as well as coordinate the guild type events through the blog. BUT, it has not gone as planned. For my enjoyment, I’ve decided to use the blog to express whatever WoW info I believe is interesting and helpful to the WoW community. I read a lot of blogs and enjoy reading good ones. I also have blog envy of those well rounded and well put together blogs. They are my motivation for this! I think to my self, ‘Hey, I should do that. I could put together something nice.”       -So here I go.


I play Bummer, a DK tanking his way through WotLK, and this is my blog.




~ by Bummer on January 30, 2009.

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