Death and Decay Uncovered

Recently I was healing a fellow Unholy Death Knight tank in Heroic Gundrak. I’ve tanked that instance probably more than any other heroic so far, as I was really hurting for the epic tanking gloves (They dropped for me this week). I wanted to heal to change it up and actually appreciate the tanking role from a healing perspective, which happened very fast one inside the instance. The DK Unholy tank would open with Death and Decay, which is great, yet that would be the only time he would use it, to open. Absurd. As unholy, his debuffs cause more magic damage to the targets. He also had the 3 talents points in morbidity, which reduces the cool down on that spell to a flat 15 seconds (Down from 30s). I had a friend over in the room and he noticed the lack of DnD right away. He suggested that I correct the Dk, as he was having aggro problems. The first boss in H Gundrak is the serpent with an AoE poison with a cast time as well as many small snake adds. He also will encase a random player in a snake wrap, which needs to be quickly killed by your dps. I strongly recommend tanking him in the doorway that you enter from, right next to the pool of water. This way, the adds that’s spawn will all come through the feet of the tank and gives the group a way to break line of sight during the AoE poison. Well, long story short, we wipe the first attempt as no one breaks the snake wrap on the healer or tank (I forget which) and all the adds smack me in the face.


On the ghost run back…

Me: ‘You need to cast DnD more than once.’

Tank: ‘It costs too many runes’

Me: ‘OMG’      [/smashfaceintowall] ‘You have to get it into your rotation. Not many DK spells have extra threat in the tooltip, not to mention it helps for AoE. It also has a great synergy with your other Unholy talents (Ebon plague bringer, Morbidity). Etc’

Tank: ‘OK.’


And he does. He does a great for rest of the instance; dropping it when ever it’s on cool down. [/happyface]


Trust me, it’s very easy to weave DnD into your normal rotation. DnD excels when facing multiple targets as well as single targets. YES, DnD IS GREAT FOR SINGLE TARGETS AS WELL. Use it to maximize your threat. DnD is by no means mandatory, on every pull, but realize that it is mandatory to maximize your threat! DnD is a must for everyspec as well (Frost/Blood/Unholy tanking). I used to believe that you needed the three talents points spent in the tier 1 unholy talent Morbidity, yet this is not true. Once I went frost, I reluctantly had to drop it, but let me tell you… I’ve never looked back. Morbidity is a waste of the 3 talents for tanking. Trust me. I will never spec to reduce the cool down of DnD while tanking; Yet, the boost to Death Coil might help some dps specs; also the Glyph of DnD has been changed to be more dps oriented.


So to the death knight tanks that haven’t realized it yet, DnD is your threat building, AoE snaggin, friend. Use it often. Please?



Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts below.


~ by Bummer on January 30, 2009.

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