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Congratulations goes out to ONICAGE! He won the contest and will be remembered in the hall of fame. Your squirrel chicken is in the mail. (haha)

Thank you all who participated.( If there was more than one.)


Patch Notes

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It’s that time already? It sure is. Patch day! Nothing major to report on, I feel. Hunter’s might be upset, but blizzard says they needed to make the changes, and while everyone progresses through WotLK I am sure we will see support for their position. Stats will scale and characters will be pumping out some impressive numbers. Overall, WoW is hands down one of the most balanced and fair games there are. If you dont see the light, I’m sorry. So click below for the patch changes. Exciting! Continue reading ‘Patch Notes’

Winter Veil Achievements!

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Brajana from ==Mend==Pet== has a fully loaded Winter Veil Achievement guide that I wanted to share. I know many of the seasonal events have come and gone, but now with the achievement system, there might be more draw to complete them…I know I feel the urge.

Ment Pet - Winter Veil

1st Guild Contest & Prize

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Good Monday goes out to everyone and we are starting this week off right, with a contest! As often as possible, the guild leaders will try to arrange some sort of contest that will be open to anyone and everyone. The information for the contest will always be posted on this site and we will try to mention the contest in the guild information in-game. TurtleContests will include things such as scavenger hunts, screenshot contests, and much more! So saddle up and head back to the barrens for this week’s guild contest. Here we go!



Now this isn’t very exciting, but easily attainable for everyone. The contest this week is a collection, much like one of the million collection quests already provided by blizzard. To win you must be the first to send 10x Altered Snapjaw Shells via mail to BUMMER. These shells drop from Oasis Snapjaw in the barrens and you might want to Google that for an exact location.Mechanical Chicken


Prize you say? Yes! Contestants will be competing for there very own Mechanical Chicken! Amazing? Yes, we are. (Hah) …But that’s not all! The winner will also receive 10g for their trouble and will be honored with a screen shot of their character and new pet on the guild web site. Any questions? Post here or message someone in-game. Good luck and good hunting! This contest is officially underway!


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For only $9.99, you can squash rabbits just like Chuck!


Was browsing my regular web sites and came across this. As Larry the Cable Guy says,

“…I don’t care who you are. That’s funny.”

OMG! Is that a legendary axe?

OMG! Is that a legendary axe?

Ventrilo is up

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Thats right! Everyone make sure to send a HUGE shoutout to Nufire/Taleyn!

Props to him for coming through outta his own pocket for us all. Way to go man. See the guild info ingame for vent info, etc.


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SO! The site is really starting to shape up and I feel the blog style format of it will be a benefit because it keeps the site lightweight. I set up a DKP system that hopefully will work well for us, but that is much farther down the road. Nufire is currently working to get us a VENT server! Won’t that be great. He had one before so he knows what what to expect.

Things to expect: We need to set up some simple events. Currently all we need is maybe two days a week where we gather online at a certain time. One day could be dedicated toward high end progression (5man reg or heroic) and the other could be low end progression (help a pal instance or finish a group quest). This is all up for debate, the point being GET OUT THERE AND GROUP UP. The guild is currently crawling through WoWspace right now and the best thing we can do right now, is build teamwork. If we’re serious about raiding…then know raiding=teamwork.


So sleep on it, and soon we will have some minor stuff setup.

*edit* – this is more of a test than anything else…to the polls!